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DeWalt DWD241 Paddle Mixer

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DeWalt D21570K Diamond Core Drill

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Drill Driver  Combi Impact SDS Angle Mag

Drills Information

There are many types of drill available, and they are used for a myriad of applications. One of the most important considerations when choosing a machine for your requirements is the materials you will be drilling into. Essentially, all drills are suitable for drilling into materials such as wood, metal and plastic; however, if you need to drill into masonry or concrete you will typically want to look for a machine with some sort of hammer action.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Drill Drivers – Cordless drills with adjustable clutches which make them ideal for driving screws as well as drilling.
• Combi Drills – Cordless drills with adjustable clutches for driving screws and an additional hammer mode.
• Impact Drivers – High torque machines which are primarily designed for driving screws. Especially useful for larger fasteners which they drive with much greater efficiency than a drill driver or combi drill.
• Rotary Drills – Corded drills which are typically used for drilling into wood or metal.
• Hammer Drills – Corded drills with an additional hammer mode for masonry etc.
• SDS Drills – Specialized hammer drills which are designed to drill into concrete and masonry with much greater efficiency than standard hammer drills or combi drills. Many can also be used for chiselling. These machines use SDS bits rather than standard drill bits.
• Diamond Drills – Designed specifically for use with diamond core bits.
• Angle Drills – On these machines the chuck is at a right angle to the motor, meaning they can be used in much tighter spaces than regular drills. Commonly used for drilling studs and joists.
• Mixing Drills – Designed for mixing paint, plaster and similar applications.
• Bench and Pillar Drills – Also known as Drill Presses, these machines are designed to be bolted down to a workbench or floor for fixed position use. A good quality drill press will provide exceptional accuracy and precision.
• Mag Drills – Short for Magnetic Drill, these machines have magnetic bases and function like portable drill presses for drilling into metal.

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