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Handy Professional Nylon Grass Trimmer Line

5 types from £9.95

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Handy Nylon Grass Trimmer Line

5 types from £1.95

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Handy Chainsaw Chain Oil

2 types from £8.95

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Handy Tools

Handy Handy have been garden machinery wholesalers since 1938. With decades of experience using & recommending garden machinery from other manufacturers, they decided to set up their own brand, to supply the products they believed consumers really wanted. 'The Handy' range is their solution - powerful, durable Outdoor Power Tools & Garden Machinery, but at affordable prices, providing every gardener with access to quality tools and equipment. Handy Tools are well built and constructed from robust materials, with several tools in the range featuring industry leading Briggs & Stratton engines. Providing all the essential tools for making light work of your gardening taks, Handy also supply industrial machinery and safety gear such as work wear, helmets, gloves & visors.

About The Products

Handy have released numerous products over the years which have become best sellers due to a winning combination of robust build quality, functional design and affordable pricing.

Two equally popular models, the Handy EV6200 and Handy EV3000 are handheld machines which combine leaf blower and garden vacuum functionality - these tools are supplied with collection bags and shoulder straps and are ideal for keeping your lawn, patio or driveway tidy from leaves, grass clippings and other debris.

The Handy Garden Trolley range comprises a selection of solidly built transporters which are great for moving heavy tools and equipment around outdoors; the Handy FST Folding Lift Truck Trolley is also ideal for delivery drivers and warehouse operatives as well as for transporting bulky gardening materials like bags of compost.

Ideal for firewood choppers, the range of Handy Log Splitters includes several well respected manual, electric and hydraulic options that provide safe, ergonomic and efficient alternatives to an axe for wood preparation tasks. Handy also supply wood grenades, log saw horses, log storage solutionsand chainsaws. Handy also supply essential safety gear for chainsaw operators, including chainsaw gloves, chainsaw boots and chainsaw trousers. Handy Tools Garden Machinery Seed Spreader Trolley Log Splitter Leaf Blower Vacuum Safety Gear

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