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DeWalt Construction Circular Saw Blade

32 types from £9.95

in stock

DeWalt Extreme Runtime Circular Saw Blade

14 types from £19.95

in stock

Lenox T3 Bi Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw

56 types from £8.49

in stock

DeWalt Extreme General Purpose Saw Blades

15 types from £37.95

in stock

Starrett Deep Cut Hole Saw

55 types from £5.95

in stock

DeWalt Extreme Wood Cutting Saw Blades

12 types from £44.95

in stock

DeWalt Extreme Fine Finish Saw Blades

10 types from £41.95

in stock

DeWalt Extreme Cordless Circular Saw Blades

5 types from £12.95

in stock

DeWalt PCD Fibre Cement Saw Blade

6 types from £41.95

in stock

DeWalt Cordless XR FLEXVOLT Mitre Saw Blade

3 types from £63.95

in stock

DeWalt Aluminium Cutting Saw Blade

2 types from £67.95

in stock

Starrett Fast Cut Bi Metal Hole Saw

54 types from £5.95

in stock

Starrett Cordless Smooth Cutting Hole Saw

13 types from £15.95

in stock

Bosch Progressor Wood and Metal Hole Saw

57 types from £9.95

in stock

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Mag Drills

Mag Drills Information

A Mag Drill, Magnetic Drill, or Magnetic Drilling Machine, works in a similar way to a standard workshop drill press but instead of being bolted down to a workbench of workshop floor, it has an electronically controlled magnetic base which enables it to be fixed directly onto metal surfaces for drilling. Once attached firmly in place, the operator rotates a handle to drill into the material, giving much cleaner, straighter holes than could be achieved with a handheld drill. Mag Drills are not designed for materials other than metal, and the material needs to be substantial enough for them to adhere to it safely and effectively. This usually limits them to more heavy duty applications like drilling into girders, rail tracks, metal tanks, buildings, structures and machinery. The magnet on mag drills is very strong and they can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces; they are also small enough to be carried around for portable drilling.

Mag drills are typically designed to be used with a special type of bit called an annular cutter. However, many of them are also supplied with interchangeable drill chucks that enable them to be used with standard drill bits as well.

Magnetic Drill Safety:

If power is lost or interrupted while a mag drill is in use the magnet will switch off, with the potential to cause injury or damage. To eliminate this risk, they should be strapped or chained in place before starting to drill. Due to the risk of electric shock, they should not be used around water, and as with all drilling machines, eye protection should be worn at all times.

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