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Makita JR3051TK Reciprocating Saw

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Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating Saws Information

The Reciprocating Saw, also known as a Recip Saw or Recipro Saw, is so called because of its reciprocating action which enables it to quickly power through wood, metal and other common materials. The action is fairly aggressive and it is most commonly used in demolition tasks though it is also used by gardeners as a tool for pruning trees. In our Reciprocating Saws category you can also find other machines which are not technically reciprocating saws but which fulfil similar roles.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Reciprocating Saws – ideal for quick, rough cuts in timber, metal and other common construction materials. The appropriate blade for the material should be installed first.
• Scorpion Saws – exclusive to Black & Decker, this range of machines features an adjustable shoe design which enables them to be used as either a reciprocating saw, jigsaw or garden saw. They are only compatible with Scorpion Saw blades.
• Nanoblade Saws – exclusive to Bosch, these are not reciprocating saws at all but miniature chainsaws. However, their compact, handheld form factor means they can fulfil a similar role. They can only be used with Bosch Nanoblades.
• Alligator Saws – these have specialised elongated blades which make them ideal for slicing through deep sections of porous or fibrous construction materials (like blocks of insulation or aerated concrete).

Reciprocating Saw Safety:

As with all power saws, reciprocating saws are capable of causing injury if due care is not taken when using them. Wear suitable safety equipment (eye, ear and respiratory protection).

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