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Makita XGT 40v Cordless Tools Makita's XGT 40v battery platform was announced in 2020 as a powerful, heavy duty range of cordless power tools designed for trade and industry.

Features like shock resistant, padded battery enclosures, fast charging times and water resistant housings mean the XGT range is engineered to deliver long life and reliable performance in challenging environments. On top of this, these are some of the most powerful cordless tools Makita have ever released, meaning you no longer have to rely on corded tools for those tougher jobs. Currently the XGT range consists of angle grinders, SDS Plus rotary hammer drills, a reciprocating saw, circular saw and an impact driver, but will eventually become larger as Makita add more tools to the line-up. The ADP10 charging adaptor means you can charge your existing LXT batteries from the same battery charger to eliminate clutter on site. Makita XGT 40v Cordless Tools

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