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Karcher Garden Tools Karcher Garden Tools are designed to help take some of the hard work out of garden maintenance throughout the year, whether you're cutting the lawn, trimming hedges, pruning trees or clearing autumn leaves. Karcher are famous for their pressure washers, steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners, and the garden tool range is designed to the same high standards that users have to come to expect from the cleaning tools - robust build quality, reliable performance and excellent ergonomics all help to ensure that you can tackle your gardening jobs with ease, time after time.

All of these Karcher Garden tools run on the same type of 18v lithium ion battery. Just stick a charged battery in your tool and you're ready to go - no more untangling metres of knotted cables or carefully mixing up fuel every time you need to start a new job; plus, you only need one battery to power all the tools in the range, so once you own a battery and charger you can buy the body only kits at reduced cost. The Karcher 18v cordless garden tool range features all the essential garden power tools, including lawnmowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, tree pruners and chainsaws. Karcher Garden Tool Range

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