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Black & Decker Garden ToolsBlack & Decker Garden Tools are designed to provide homeowners and DIYers with reliable, cost effective and time-saving solutions when it comes to working outdoors. Having been around for more than 100 years, Black & Decker are one of the most widely recognized names in the business and have been responsible for many iconic products like the Black & Decker Workmate and the Dustbuster series of vacuum cleaners. Most Black & Decker Garden tools are electric power tools which are available in both corded and cordless (battery powered) variants.

Black & Decker Corded Electric Garden Tools are well suited to heavy workloads as they will keep going all day as long you can plug them into a mains socket. They are also the most affordable choice as you don't need to buy batteries.

Black & Decker Cordless Garden Tools give you much more freedom and the batteries can also be used to power other tools in the same range. The 18v lithium system is the largest range and it also encompasses many DIY power tools like drills and sanders but if you want maximum power then Black & Decker 36v Cordless Garden Tools are an extremely popular choice and a recent addition is the even more powerful 54v DualVolt system which enjoys backwards compatibility with the 18v range.

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