Bessey Clamps

Bessey Bessey Clamps are some of the toughest and most reliable on the market and have been a firm favourite in many types of industry for years. Bessey are a German manufacturer of clamps and cutting tools as well as a supplier of bright and stainless steels to industrial and manufacturing markets. Originating as a bright steel drawing plant in 1889, they started producing their first tools in the 1930s, patenting a malleable cast iron screw clamp in 1936. Placing high importance on precision construction and extensive quality control, Bessey clamps are finely machined and rigorously tested tools which are designed to meet the demands of professional working environments.

About The Products

Bessey's extensive product range includes solutions for wood working, flooring, welding, metalworking and many other applications. Bessey Spring Clamps, Bessey Screw Clamps and Bessey Lever Clamps are amongst some of the best sellers from the extensive range we stock. Bessey Clamps Simply better

Top Picks

Bessey Gear Klamp GK Transmission Clamp

4 variants from £29.95

In stock

Bessey DUO Duo Klamp One Hand Clamp

4 variants from £28.95

In stock

Bessey KLI Kliklamp One Handed Clamp

6 variants from £17.95

In stock

Bessey GH Lever Clamp

7 variants from £62.95

In stock

Bessey TG 2K Heavy Duty Screw Clamp

5 variants from £22.95

In stock

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