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Black & Decker Dualvolt Tools Black & Decker Dualvolt Garden Power Tools offer a complete one battery fits all solution. All batteries fit all tools in the Dualvolt Garden Power Tool range. 54v Dualvolt pushes Cordless technology every closer to the power of petrol. The Dualvolt Li-ion battery packs revolutionary technology & power without the need for cords or heavy petrol machines.

54v Dualvolt batteries are also compatible with Black & Decker 18v Power & Garden Tools as they are able to run in either 54v or 18v mode. Dualvolt batteries used with Black & Decker 18v power tools have excellent run times, as the batteries run at a higher amp hour rating than they do in 54v mode. This is especially handy if you already own tools from the 18v range as it means you can use these powerful batteries all year round on your other projects as well. Important This Range of Tools has now been discontinued by the manufacturer and very little stock remains.

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