Karcher K 2 COMPACT Pressure Washer 110 Bar

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Karcher K 2 COMPACT Pressure Washer 110 Bar

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To help determine the type of pressure washer required it is important to consider the size of your cleaning task and level of duty, i.e. how big is the cleaning object and how often will you need to clean it? Below is an explanation of the two main types of pressure washer. Whilst bar pressure is important the overiding factor in cleaning power is the water flow rate. More water = better cleaning.

Home & Garden (sometimes referred to as domestic, DIY or consumer).
Lightweight, easily portable and designed for regular use in a domestic environment, these machines range in power to suit the size of your cleaning task. Models featuring ‘water cooled motor’ technology offer greater performance, and top of the range machines are often fully loaded with accessories.

Xpert or Professional (sometimes referred to as commercial or industrial)
Heavy duty, robust and designed for maximum durability, Xpert or Professional machines have higher pressure and flow ratings, enabling you to clean with far greater speed and efficiency. These machines are not readily available on the high street or in DIY superstores and often feature upgraded components throughout

Jargon Buster:
• Bar or PSI: Bar is the most common measure of pressure. PSI = bar x 14.5.
• Bar (max): This is the pressure achieved when the machine is first turned on
• Bar (rated) pressure: This is the operating water pressure of the machine.
• Motor size (kW): Motor size indicates power providing the machine runs efficiently.
• Flow Rate (l/h): Higher flow rates enable you to clean large areas or objects faster

Did You Know:
Pressure Washers use up to 80% less water than garden hosepipes.
Pressure Washers are not subject to hosepipe bans if used for safety reasons, or if a suction hose is used to pull water from a harvested source. i.e. not the water mains. They are also not subject to a ban if used for commercial reasons, for example to maintain cleanliness, hygiene or company image.

Important things to remember when using your pressure washer:
• Always use an RCD when using electrical products in connection with water.
• Never use a non-return valve at the pressure washer connection to a hose pipe.
• Never drive over or lay items on high pressure hoses to avoid damage.
• Your water supply hose should be a min of several meters long and unwound from its reel.
• If you are using an extension lead, check that it is rated at min of 13 amps and fully unwound from its reel.

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Overall Rating Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Value for Money Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Features Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Performance Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Build Quality Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars

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Customer Questions & Answers

Graham Holdsworth asked on 30/04/2021

Q : Just bought K2 Compact.Pleased with one exception. It says in the instructions to use the detergent the device must be in low pressure mode but there does not appear to be any way of selecting a low pressure mode? Help please

TooledUp answered on 10/05/2021

A : Hi Graham, I've heard back from Karcher regarding this. They advised that in the manual "it has a description of the Vario lance, however for this particular model it just comes with the one way lance. The way to apply detergent using this would be to just use the trigger gun with no lance attached, as the water will be at low pressure then. The detergent will then pull through the machine and mix with the water"

Keith asked on 24/03/2021

Q : I have a K2 and want to purchase a sewer cleaning hose to clear a blockage in my outside drain which causes sink and washing machine water to back up. Is the K2 powerful enough for this?

TooledUp answered on 25/03/2021

A : Hi Keith, Karcher say that all their K2 to K7 series machines can be used with a drain cleaning hose so I'm sure the K2 is capable of doing this, though of course the bigger models may prove more effective on tougher blockages

Andrew McDonald asked on 29/04/2020

Q : Can I use this machine with an independent source of water like a bucket. Will I get full performance? This a deal breaker for me. Will any of the k2 range do what I want?

TooledUp answered on 29/04/2020

A : Officially K2 models are not compatible with a suction hose as they require the static water source to be elevated above 18" (the higher the better) so as to gravity assist the flow of water. This is because the lower wattage machines do not have enough power to suck water from a static source without gravity help. Generally the higher the model the better when using a suction hose & filter though K4 & upwards will perform well.

Robert asked on 28/03/2020

Q : I have just used my brand new K2 for the first time and I can’t unclip the lance hose from it. Why is this?

TooledUp answered on 30/03/2020

A : Hi Robert, on the K2 models you have to loosen the grey hose clamp at the bottom of the machine to release the hose - It has a bayonet fitting so you push, twist, then pull out and the hose should detach. Does this solve the problem?

David Parry asked on 12/02/2020

Q : I am after a suitable flexible hose for my K2 Compact pressure washer could you suggest any please.

TooledUp answered on 12/02/2020

A : Hi David, well Karcher's Primoflex hose would be an ideal choice - we sell it as a pressure washer kit with some additional connectors bundled with it. It's product code 21020604 on our website




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