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Araldite Originally launched in 1946, the first batches of Araldite resins were made near Cambridge by Aero Research Limited (ARL). With a reputation for extreme strength and durability, Araldite has been used on construction projects such as the Sydney Opera Hose and the Torre Agbar in Barcelona, and early applications included repair work on Coventry cathedral after the war. They became infamous in the 1980s for an advertising campaign in which they affixed a Ford Cortina to a Billboard in South London.

About The Products

Araldite adhesives come in easy to use tubes and syringes. These products can be used on almost everything including Metal, wood, rubber, leather, glass, ceramics and most hard plastics.

Araldite Epoxy Adhesives come in a range of 5 different applications which include standard, rapid, crystal, instant, fusion, repair and steel.

Their express super glue comes in a liquid form and a gel form; these products are perfect for bonding and repairing on almost any project from DIY tasks to professional manufacturing of buildings and cars. Araldite strive to have the perfect fast drying adhesive for a wide range of professional and consumer applications.

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